Sunday, January 25, 2015


Kyl was at least as conservative as Ted Cruz and didn't have Cruz's "charm."
Flake sides with Obama on Iran and Cuba
Dan Nowicki, The Republic | 9:02 p.m. MST January 24, 2015

Flake said he agrees with the Obama administration and U.S. allies that additional sanctions against Iran could reverse progress in international talks to curtail the country's nuclear program.

Flake also is a GOP fan of Obama's effort to normalize relations with Cuba and reverse punitive economic policies that date back to President John F. Kennedy's administration.

"His (State of the Union) talk about changing a policy after 50 years — he's right," Flake said. "There are a lot more Republicans who see it this way than people think."


Ken Hoop said...

If you want a real laugh, podcast Cunningham's national show yesternite.
He went on first segments at melodramatic length about the pathetic political illiteracy of the American people, linked in large part with Obama's failing foreign policy.

Too bad at several points he included on the list of failures and with blustering assurance that al Qaeda of Yemen had just taken over the Yemeni government.
In truth of course the Iranian supported opponents of al Qaeda, the SHIA Houthis have just all but taken it over.
Well, no matter, Cunningham you Moronic example of what you criticize.
But no matter.
They both hate Israel and the United States for supporting it and otherwise destructively meddling in the Mideast. And since you supported alliance with Israel and the American wars, the Houthis would have about the same opinion of you as virtually all other parties in Yemen would, including al Qaeda and almost all its worst enemies.

Darryl Parks, quit employing the Cunningham Exception in your criticism of ignorant Toxic Talk Radio.

Steve J. said...

I missed Billy's show so thanx for the update. BTW, I didn't know Parks cut Uncle Billy some slack.