Tuesday, February 03, 2015


The vaccination fuss is a good time to look over America's recent past as I and millions of others have experienced it.  Here are some events the come readily to mind: The  Vietnam War turned out to be based on lies & deception (cf., The Best and the Brightest and The Pentagon Papers); a sitting President was forced to resign because he tried to cover up illegal acts; a sitting President was forced to apologize for illegally helping the Contras; the CEOs of the major tobacco companies repeatedly lied to Congress without any adverse consequences; the Dot.com Bubble was based on securities dealers knowingly lying to their clients; Enron, Worldcom and other corporate criminals revealed the dark side of American capitalism; the Iraq War was based on lies and deception; the Great Recession was caused by unethical banksters and their abettors in allied industries.

Given this background, it's not too surprising that some Americans are willing to believe that vaccinations are harmful.

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