Monday, June 01, 2015


When supply-side economics doesn't work, they just double down and call for larger tax cuts.  When Dark Ages morality turns out to be unpopular with many Americans, they blame immigrants.  And they always have Muslims to blame.

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Ken Hoop said...


–>Mass Immigration vs. the Organic Movement of Peoples

NEW RESISTANCE totally concurs with Alain de Benoist when he stated, “Those who remain silent about capitalism should not complain about immigration.” The global neoliberal capitalist regime is responsible for displacing millions of Third World peasants from their lands, stealing their natural resources, and herding them into nightmarish megacities or northward into the so-called “developed world”. This is done in order to supply the capitalist elites with vast pools of cheap labour to bring wages and benefits down even further (the “race to the bottom”), new consumers to replace already debt-saturated First World consumers, and fresh cannon fodder for the imperial legions. NEW RESISTANCE does not blame migrants for this sad state of affairs, viewing them rather as individual victims. Mass immigration itself as a symptom of the larger dysfunction of capitalism and that the destruction of capitalism will ultimately solve the immigration problem.."