Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Not because it's standing behind the farce that is Joe Klein (see Glenn Greenwald's masterful dismantling of this hack, here, here, here, here and here), although that's certainly enough. It's because of the effing fucking arrogance of these creeps. THIS is what the "editor" of Klein's hackery told Jane at Firedoglake:

I’ve spent all morning on the phone trying to figure out who the editor at Time Magazine was on Joe Klein’s FISA column (the one Klein has now written about five times, fully admitting he never read the original bill). I finally confirmed that the editor was Priscilla Painton, and called her and identified myself. I asked her what the editing process was, and how a piece with so many errors made it into print.

“That assumes that there are errors,” she said. And hung up on me.

Her number is 212-522-2022.

I was going to try to clean up my language a bit but then decided that "fucking" is the mot juste for these asshats. See Memeorandum for more reactions.

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