Friday, May 09, 2008


We've spent over $100 billion trying to repair Iraq and they still don't like us. Oh yeah, I forgot, the incompetent GOP is running the Executive Branch.

Charity work shows another side to Sadr's movement in Iraq
By Shashank Bengali McClatchy Newspapers
Posted on Thursday, May 8, 2008

...for the slum's 2.5 million predominantly Shiite residents, Sadr plays a different role, one of humanitarian-in-chief — gifting money to families of the dead and injured, resettling displaced families free of charge and, every month, helping to feed tens of thousands of Sadr City's most impoverished people. Sadr offers the funds for any victim of American weapons in Sadr City.

Evoking comparisons with Hezbollah — the far better established militant Shiite group in Lebanon that's often called a state within a state — Sadr's movement "has established itself as the main service provider in the country," concluded a recent report by Refugees International, a Washington-based nonprofit.

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