Saturday, June 14, 2008


He doesn't touch computers and learned nothing about the Vietnam War and America. The NY Times ("In ’74 Thesis, the Seeds of McCain’s War Views") unearthed a paper McWAR wrote in 1974 - well after the Pentagon Papers came out - in which he suggested that members of the military need to be trained in the tenets of our foreign policy. From the article:

Prof. Richard H. Kohn, a historian of civil-military relations at the University of North Carolina who has taught at the War College, suggested that Mr. McCain’s recommendation was more of a “time warp” back to the 1950s, when he came of age at the Naval Academy. It was an era of staunchly anti-communist foreign policy consensus that was shattered by the debates over the Vietnam War while Mr. McCain was in prison, Professor Kohn said.

Many conservatives today think the 50s were an idyllic time and that's when the seeds of movement conservatism were planted.

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