Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Attorney General Mukasey asked Pres. Bush to declare that the FBI interviews of Cheney abut the Plame leak are subject to executive privilege and thus won't be provided to Congress. This is a disgrace and I liked how the LA Times put it:

The concept of executive privilege rings a special bell with readers of a certain age. It was relied on by the Richard M. Nixon White House seeking to shield documents and personnel from inquiring congressional committees and prosecutors during the Watergate investigations.
Via emptywheel, here's a snippet of what Mukasey wrote:
I am greatly concerned about the chilling effect that compliance with the Committee's subpona would have on future White House deliberations and White House cooperation with future Justice Department investigations. For the reasons set forth above, I believe it is legally permissible for you to assert executive privilege. I respectfully request that you do so.

The M-Fs tried to cover-up the crime!!!!!

UPDATE: Here's the relevant U.S. Supreme Court decision.
UPDATE II: looseheadprop at Firedoglake has more on the legal issues.

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