Saturday, August 16, 2008


In an otherwise good column about The Maggot Corsi and the Noise Machine, Timothy Rutten makes what I feel is a mistake:
What's far more interesting is how somebody like Corsi suddenly becomes a player in a presidential campaign. Start with the fact that the author isn't a conservative in the normal or respectable sense of that word.

Corsi appeals to an important part of the GOP's base in the same way that Ann Coulter does and that's one of the reasons both are so welcome on FAUX News, especially by Sean Hannity. Digby has a good take on the bias of our media:
Sure, people are saying that Corsi's book is full of holes. So what? It's "out there" and it's getting more press every day. And in all of that, nobody's calling out Mrs Carville on the fact that she shepherded these extremist lies into the mainstream. (Or her husband, for that matter.) Yet MoveOn taking out an ad that has the word "Betrayus" in it is worthy of a congressional censure.

As long as the villagers are in agreement that the only people who are truly beyond the pale in American politics are on the left, then this will continue.

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