Saturday, September 06, 2008


Some moron who works for the McCain campiagn mistook a middle school for a military hospital. The campaign tries to ooze out of this blunder by claiming that the images behind Granpa were rotated to match the points he was making in his acceptance speech. The truth is that there was little rotation:
Those of Us Who Are About to Tire Swing ...
09.06.08 -- 11:10AM By Josh Marshall

But that's not what happened with McCain. Our crack analysts at TPM HQ pulled the tape. And what happened in McCains case was that the green screen was up for 5 or 6 minutes. Then it got pulled. It was replaced briefly by a cornfield. And then after a few moments of that it was the picture of the flag, which appeared as a blue screen to viewers on tv. That remained through McCain's entire speech. No more changes. It was pretty clear that someone on McCain's staff realized the goof a few minutes into the speech, cancelled the pre-programmed order of images and hurriedly slotted in flag image to save the day.

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