Monday, December 22, 2008


HUMAN EVENTS has decided that Caribou Barbie is "Conservative of the Year for 2008" and in the same issue of the magazine, Ann Coulter sings her praises. If Palin really has a future in the GOP, the Democrats are in great shape.

Atrios has written that conservatives will do some things simply because they want to piss off liberals and it seems that's why Palin was given this dubious honor. Here are some excerpts from Coulter:

Sarah Palin wins HUMAN EVENTS’ prestigious “Conservative of the Year” Award for 2008 for her genius at annoying all the right people. The last woman to get liberals this hot under the collar would have been … let's see now … oh, yeah: Me!

...picking her would send the left into a tailspin of wanton despair.

But if anyone on the McCain campaign chose Palin because she would drive liberals crazy, my hat is off to him!

Liberals were angry at Palin because they thought she should look and act like Kay Bailey Hutchinson: Upper crust, prissy and stiff.

Palin was a kick in the pants, she energized conservatives, and she made liberal heads explode.

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