Saturday, July 04, 2009


George Brett hit a home run off Goose Gossage and Billy Martin pointed out to the umpires that there was more than 18 inches of pine tar on Brett's bat. That's against a simplistic interpretation of the rules, so Brett was called out. This gives you an idea of his reaction:

And you may also recall what Gossage said:
"I can sympathize with George," Gossage remarked after the game, "but not that much."

That was my initial reaction to Reid Wilson's whine about politics:
Anyone who seeks to run for or hold office as a conservative should have their head examined. They and their family and friends will be endlessly savaged in every way possible.

I wrote "not much" because not only what happened to Gore and Kerry but also because of Palin's own divisive politics. Paybacks are sometimes a bitch and I don't think the GOP will give up on talk radio tactics until we shove the same up their kazoos.

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