Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The GOP is going through a terrible struggle in NY-23. Former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich isn't too pleased with the movement conservatives push to back winger candidate Hoffman:
"This idea that we're suddenly going to establish litmus tests and all across the country we're going to purge the party of anybody who doesn't agree with us 100 percent; that guarantees Obama's reelection, that guarantees Pelosi as Speaker-for-life," he told Fox News last night.

Newt defends the GOP choice by noting that Scozzafava, the GOP party's choice, is plenty conservative:
But he said that her endorsement from the National Rifle Association, her signing a no tax-increase pledge, and her opposition to cap-and-trade and healthcare reform legislation made her "adquately conservative in an upstate New York district."

Michelle Malkin is outraged at Newt:
Newt Gingrich continues to “Alinsky” his conservative critics and hide behind straw men.

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