Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This POLITICO article has this tidbit about Christine O'Donnell:
O'Donnell, who has also been dogged by accusations that she's never held a full-time job, also said she was currently doing part-time public relations work for one artist named Paul Matthew Whittle.

Using LexisNexis, I searched U.S. newspapers and wires for him since 1/1/1994 and came up blank. This is the only Internet mention I found:
There are examples in every location in the United States of qualitative artists working in their uniquely vocational field of liturgical arts. In the Philadelphia metropolitan area, one artist of particular note is Paul M. Whittle. Mr. Whittle attended and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1995 with a BFA degree. He has also received the Perkins Scholarship for the, “Visual Arts” for six consecutive years.

A particular project that Mr. Whittle has completed and installed is, Our Lady of the Word at Saint Aloysius Church in the Diocese of Trenton. If your parish is considering adding a new piece of Catholic art, they should consider Mr. Whittle. He can be contacted at paulmatthewwhittle@gmail.com

It seems that O'Donnell isn't very good at PR.

The Hill has this tidbit:
She also pushed back against questions about her personal finances, claiming that she got behind on her mortgage because she took on "a pro-bono client" who was unable to pay her, presumably for public relations work.

Um, you get what you pay for?


Steve M. said...

I noticed this this morning also, though it looks as if his site is up now.

Steve J. said...

Steve M -

Thanx for the tip!