Friday, January 14, 2011


Chris Matthews gave an accurate description of Mark Levin's radio show:
People like Mark Levin, Michael Savage, for example who every time you listen to them are furious, furious at the left with anger that’s just builds and builds in their voice and by the time they go to commercial, they’re just in some rage, every night, with ugly talk. Ugly sounding talk. And it never changes. It never modulates.
Now the little turd Levin is threatening to sue Matthews and any other MSNBC host who points out what a hateful little bastard he is.  I really hope at least one of them makes a compilation of the krazy things Levin has said and plays it on air.

Over at the American Spectator, the commenters are mostly on Foamer's side.   If you haven't heard Foamer, Media Matters has a few clips.

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