Monday, March 05, 2012


Fats has made a very lucrative career in part by lying about people who mostly can't defend themselves but this time he's gone too far and it's not just liberals who are upset according to this new PPP poll:
Our numbers suggest that Rush Limbaugh has seen significant erosion in his popularity with Republican voters over the last week. The last time we polled on him nationally he was at 80/12 with GOPers. But now we find him below 50% in all three of these states: he's at 45/28 in Ohio, 46/29 in Tennessee, and 44/30 in Georgia.

Republican women in particular have become very skeptical about Limbaugh in the states holding tomorrow's 2 most competitive contests. He's at only 39/28 with them in Ohio and 36/30 in Tennessee.
(This story also made POLITICO.)

This may help explain why at least 12 companies have decided to drop Fatso:
Sleep Number Beds
The Sleep Train
Legal Zoom
Quicken Loans
Citrix Systems/GoToMeeting
Tax Resolution Services
Today, Don Imus did the right thing by denouncing Fats:
“A lame apology on his website, in which he says he didn’t mean to personally attack her,” Imus said, “is gutless.” Imus took issue with Limbaugh’s “sustained, vile, personal attack” on Fluke over three days, and said that if he’s going to apologize, you have to “go sit down with her” and apologize.

“He’s a fat, gutless loser,” Imus added, “and if I’m running a radio station, he’s not on it… until he does that.”
Also today, Sean Hannity couldn't muster the same moral courage but he did make of point of saying on his radio show "I'm not going to spend the entire show on this," which suggests that he wants to distance himself from Fats.

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