Sunday, October 14, 2012


Wallace didn't fall for the wingnut paranoia about Benghazi and now he's not falling for the bogus "six studies" claim by Mitten$ and Little Galt.
Chris Wallace Takes On Romney Adviser Over ‘Questionable’ Studies Supporting Romney’s Tax Plan
by Meenal Vamburkar | 12:36 pm, October 14th, 2012

Why is it all right to tell voters about the candy [the 20-percent across-the-board tax cut]…but let’s not tell them about the spinach, which is, you’re gonna lose some deductions?” Wallace asked.

Gillespie said they have discussed deductions, and said they can’t start negotiating “in a campaign environment.” Gillespie further defended the math, saying, “Six different studies have said this is entirely doable.”

Wallace deemed some of those studies “questionable.”

One of them “is a blog from a guy who was a top adviser to George W. Bush,” Wallace added. “So there are hardly nonpartisan studies.”

Gillespie argued that Harvard and the American Enterprise Institute, among others, “are very credibly sources for economic analysis.”

“You wouldn’t say that AEI is a conservative think tank?” Wallace asked.

“I would say it is a right-leaning think tank,” Gillespie replied. “That doesn’t make it not credible.”

“It doesn’t make it nonpartisan,” Wallace countered.

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