Saturday, November 17, 2012


You may recall that when Karl Rove threw a hissy fit about FAUX News calling Ohio for Pres. Obama, Megyn Kelly walked off the set to talk with the Faux News projection guys.  Just before she got to their area, she made a interesting comment:
KELLY: Try to get to the bottom of this. Right out the door. They used to keep them right here with us in the studio. And then for some reason, whoa, careful. Then for some reason they moved them down the hall. We were too close. We were thinking this wouldn't be necessary. But, as it turns out. So you can see this is sort of all the folks behind the scenes who have been watching the program from back here.

Hi, guys. Arthur Aidala decided to join. They're way down the hall we'll do interrogation and see this they stand by their call not withstanding the doubts that Karl Rove has attempted to place. Keep coming. Here we go. Now, when we practiced this before -- there is the beautiful Jenna Lee. When we practiced this before in our rehearsals, we lost all audio in our ears. Right about here. That's happening again.
Dylan Byers reports that Roger Ailes is taking credit for making a spur of the moment decision to let the cameras follow Kelly.
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