Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Our dear Bibi (Netanyahu) is a little worried that Pres. Obama may be re-elected and remember that Bibi wasn't very helpful, according to this article in YNET.COM:
'Obama may intervene in Israel elections'

Itamar Eichner
11.06.12, 09:41 / Israel News

The prime minister's aides fear that Obama will publicly criticize Netanyahu's policy and embarrass him during the election campaign. In addition, the US president may stop automatically backing Israel in international forums over its policy in the territories.
We should stop automatically backing ISR on this issue.

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Ken Hoop said...


"So let's assume the Romney motel will foreclose. That leaves us with the second term of a president who never closed Guantanamo, as he promised; who unleashed a "prolonged detention" policy of American citizens; who locked up a lot of innocent bystanders in Bagram; who has drawn his personal "kill list"; WHO LET BIBI NETANYAHU WREAK HAVOC
STEALING PALESTINIAN LAND ;who expanded his AfPak shadow war to Somalia and soon Central Africa; who, in Muslim lands, is hardly remembered by his great expectations June 2009 Cairo speech."