Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I'd say it was an even chance after this exchange on the 11/16 edition of The O'Reilly Factor: (h/t Media Matters & LexisNexis)

STEIN: What do you care if they raise taxes on some rich person by seven ...

GUTFELD: Because I'm not a class warfarist. I want to be rich.

STEIN: You are already rich. But the problem -- the problem ...

GUTFELD: I'm rich in my soul.

STEIN: No, you are rich all together. What does it matter if a person is making five, ten, 20, 30 million a year, pays another few hundred thousand in taxes? What does it matter to him?

GUTFELD: Do you actually think I'm in that pay range?

STEIN: You might be at a lower ....

GUTFELD: You totally exaggerate my stature at Fox News. I live in a basement. I want to tell you, though, I don't- whenever you raise taxes, it never goes against anything. It just goes for more spending.


STEIN: That's not so. I mean when President Reagan -- look, everyone says oh, Reagan cut taxes and revenue went up. He cut taxes in his first year. Every year after that, he raised taxes, and in some years after that he raised them quite dramatically. So let's go back to the Gipper and say, he realized that a kind of (ph) tax was a good idea ...


STEN: Until he saw it didn't work, then he raised taxes. Look, I hate paying taxes, too. Any normal person doesn't want to pay more taxes than he has to. But we need the revenue. We don't want to bequeath our children a bankrupt country.

GUTFELD: All right, you're a communist. I want to talk now about Hostess.

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