Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Sen. Sanders posted a link to this on Google+ and you can find his complete list here.

These are the main points:
-Repeal all of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax breaks for the top two percent.

-Create an emergency deficit-reduction surtax on millionaires.

-End tax breaks and subsidies for big oil, gas and coal companies.

-Establish a Wall Street speculation fee of 0.03 percent on the sale of credit default swaps, derivatives, stocks, options, and futures.

-Eliminate tax breaks for companies shipping American jobs overseas.

-Prohibit abusive and illegal offshore tax shelters.

-Establish a currency manipulation fee on China and other countries.

-Tax capital gains and dividends the same as work.

-Establish a Progressive Estate Tax.

-Reduce unnecessary and wasteful spending at the Pentagon, which now consumes over half of our discretionary budget.

-Require Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry.

-Eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse within every federal government agency.

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Ken Hoop said...


Sanders couldn't be satisfied with Obamacare, could he?