Thursday, December 20, 2012


Earlier this week, I heard Fats Limbaugh spew about appealing to more to women and then I read this:
Talk Radio Network Entertainment announced today that The Andrea Tantaros Show will debut on January 2nd, from 9am-noon (ET). Tantaros, co-host of FOX News Channel’s The Five, will be joined on the new syndicated talk show by bestselling author and WABC/New York weekend host Jason Mattera. The Washington Times called Tantaros “the most pragmatic personality on The Five” and added, “Andrea’s calm, yet reasoned personality, mixed with a quick tongue and a biting sense of humor make her a powerful presence.” Commenting on his network’s newest talk show, TRN CEO Mark Masters said, “Andrea and Jason will bridge the age and gender gap that challenges Talk radio today in ways no other show can. Their appeal to a bigger and broader audience, combined with an understanding of the actual radio business, is the best thing to happen to this new radio environment. Andrea knows that radio is a business first, and will work with stations and advertisers for mutual success.”
I except this to be another FAIL because it's not only the personalities, it's the message that's the problem.

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