Saturday, December 29, 2012


Dick Armey dished some insider dirt on Freedom Works to ABC News and really trashed the people he left behind:
Armey said his fight with Kibbe was prompted by "pretty underhanded stuff," essentially a battle over royalties being paid to Kibbe instead of FreedomWorks for Kibbe's book "Hostile Takeover." Armey claims FreedomWorks' staff provided research and marketing help for the book and Kibbe tried to get Armey to sign a memorandum saying he did not use the organization's resources.

"We had a very dysfunctional organization that was being used primarily at that time scheduling all kinds of things in the interest of establishing a reputation for Matt and selling his book," Armey said.

"I actually had a court case, a case I could have taken and I did consider doing so, but we decided we wanted to try and handle it quietly outside of the press pursuant to the condition was I could not work with these guys anymore. You can't take people who you indisputably understand to be dishonest and dangerous to the organization in their dishonesty and continue working with them."

"In 2012, Freedomworks spent its time monkeying around with Glenn Beck, didn't put money in critical races.

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