Saturday, January 05, 2013


In 2007, Alan Greenspan acknowledged in his memoir that the Iraq war was "largely about oil" and in the same year, so did Chuck Hagel:
People say we're not fighting for oil. Of course we are. They talk about America's national interest. What the hell do you think they're talking about? We're not there for figs.
William "The Bloody" Kristol thinks this makes Hagel an unacceptable choice for SecDef.


Ken Hoop said...

Could be this is Kristol's way of taking the pressure off Israel. The truth is, Big Oil, only parts thereof, piggybacked off the prime ruling class sector thrust...Zionism's wishes.

At any rate the initially pro-war Hagel was no hero. Well before the war's implementation, patriots like Buchanan and Kucinich, Scott
Ritter and Ron Paul had ALL exposed
the phony nature of the WMD intelligence.

Hagel and Hillary both had no excuse.

Steve J. said...

I agree about Hilary and Hagel on Iraq but I'm getting sick of American cabinet nominations being obstructed by AIPAC, etc.