Friday, January 04, 2013


(h/t Atrios)

Buzzfeed just hired Benny Johnson as its DC editor and he's a confirmed wacko:
1. Johnson claimed Obama has a "seedy past" and "extremist ideas" [Sun News, Newswire10/5/12]

11. The First Amendment, according to Johnson, "might seem old fashioned to some people on the left" [Sun News, Byline11/9/12]

20. Johnson said the Obama administration response to Benghazi attack was to move "as swiftly as possible to cover it up" [Sun News, Byline10/10/12]

21. Johnson claimed that he's not a conspiracy theorist but said that CIA director David Petraeus' resignation "seem[s] politically expedient" because "a week before he's about to go in and hammer the administration on Benghazi, and the CIA for the intelligence failures that they encountered that he's out-ski at the - at his bureau" [Sun News, Byline11/9/12]

22. Johnson said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) "deserves overtime pay for the amount that he's had to deal with, with Fast and Furious -- the amount of cover-up that he's had to deal with in this administration" [Sun News, Byline10/10/12]

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