Sunday, January 06, 2013


Michael Savage calls for another "King David" to unite and strengthen the Tea Party and that brought to mind what Pierre Bayle (1647-1706) wrote about David in his Historical and Critical Dictionary:
Achish gave him the town of Ziklag. David removed thither with his adventurers, and suffered not their swords to rust in their scabbards; he often led them out in parties, and killed, without mercy, both men and women. He left nothing alive but the cattle, which was the only booty he returned with. He was afraid, lest the prisoners should discover the whole mystery to Achish, and therefore he carried none of them away, but put all to the sword, both male and female.

...the Philistines were preparing for war against the Israelites. They gathered all their forces together. David and his bold adventurers joined the army of Achish, and would have fought like lions against their brethren, if the jealous Philistines had not obliged Achish to dismiss them. They were afraid that David and his men, in the heat of battle would fall upon them, in order to make their peace with Saul.

It is generally believed that his adultery with Bathsheba the murder of Uriah and the numbering of the people are the only faults he can be charged with but it is a great mistake as there are many other things in his life that deserve censure I have already taken notice of some of them which happened while he was a private person here are others which relate to the time of his reign His polygamy cannot well be excused for though God permitted it in those days we must not think one might stretch it very far without indulging too much to sensuality Michal the second daughter

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