Saturday, February 23, 2013


In a surprisingly honest article in Commentary, they point out some of the serious problems facing GOP:
- Republicans, in short, have a winning message for an electorate that no longer exists. 

- Nor has the decidedly mixed legacy of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade worked to bolster the Republicans’ electoral advantage in the conduct of foreign policy; if anything, the opposite is the case.

- In addition, on a number of these issues the Republican Party has developed a reputation—mostly but not completely unfair—as judgmental and retrograde. It didn’t help that, during last year’s primary season, one of the final two major candidates in the field (Rick Santorum) promised that if elected he would speak out against the damage done to American society by contraception, or that just prior to the general election, two ultimately failed candidates for the Senate spoke with stunning insensitivity about female victims of rape.

- But the cause of scientific literacy was not aided during the recent primary season, when Michele Bachmann warned that “innocent little 12-year-old girls” were being “forced to have a government injection” to prevent the spread of the human papilloma virus, adding that some vaccines may cause “mental retardation.” Bachmann managed to combine ignorance about public health, indifference to cervical cancer, anti-government paranoia, and discredited conspiracy theories about vaccines into one censorious package.
Even better, Mark Levin took some time yesterday to attack the shorter version Gerson wrote for the WaPo because Levin knows he's part of the problem.


Ken Hoop said...

Gerson was an enthusiastic Iraq War supporter. He says it has mixed reviews--no, it was an immoral illegal war crime which handed Iraq in tatters to Iran. He praises Robert Rubin indoctrinated Clinton who deregulated High Finance leading to the current miasma. He exalts war criminal liar Tony Blair, whose abandonment of working class labor policies for neolib nostrums also attracts him.

Not buying Gerson.

Steve J. said...

Considering where he started from, Gerson has come a long way in 10 years but I didn't expect him to realize that Iraq & Afghan are immoral.