Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sean Wilentz does a pretty good job of exposing the left-wing bias of a new "history" by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick,  The Untold History of the United States, in the New York Review of Books.  In addition, his review improved my understanding of Henry Wallace by noting Wallace's 1952 acknowledgment that he was wrong about the USSR:
[I] did not see…the Soviet determination to enslave the common man morally, mentally and physically for its own imperial purposes….
More and more I am convinced that Russian Communism in its total disregard of truth, in its fanaticism, its intolerance and its resolute denial of God and religion is something utterly evil.

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Ken Hoop said...

Wilentz is just another ruling class interventionist-imperialist.

"So in Wilentz's own words we can see the value of what Stone and Kuznick have accomplished. Readers and viewers of Untold History could use what they learned about the past to predict that the liberal War on Terror would be virtually indistinguishable from – indeed, complicit with – the War on Terror of the right. And they'd be correct."