Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Despite having the Duelfer Report available on the CIA's site, David Frum STILL gets the facts about Iraq's WMD wrong.

A pinhead at the Competitive Enterprise Institute wants us all to forget about LTCM, the Dot Com Bubble, Enron, Worldcom, fraudulent mortgage-backed securities, and LIBOR manipulation so we can create new memes in culture that tell us how great the Free Market Fairy is and always will be.

Fats Limbaugh is incapable of deconstructing even a pop song.

Michele Bachmann told us another fact from her alternative Earth.

UPDATE:  Some out of state pundit was on Emil Franzi's agit-prop radio show a few weeks ago and claimed that Reason cannot be explained by materialism,  as if Turing Machines could not Reason.


Ken Hoop said...

This mostly could have been avoided if Obama/Holder and the
war hawk neoLIBS truly wanted to make "a clean break" from the
crowd who devised then conveyed the WMD lies and waged illegal pre-empitve war.

But they had their own crimes to perform.

Steve J. said...

I think that will go down as Pres. Obama's worst failure, just ahead of unrestricted drone killings.