Friday, March 08, 2013


Today, Fats defended Rand Paul and attacked the neo-cons for opposing him.  Fats seemed to be in favor of Rand's non-interventionist foreign policy and that's a surprise to me because I missed his remarks of May 16, 2008:
And who are the neocons? Well, the neocons are ex-Democrats, by the way, who moved into the Republican Party along with Ronaldus Magnus. They are big hawks, but they also believe in a big, activist, "compassionate" executive and government. So we have conservatism and neoconservatism.

Ten years ago, 1998, would any of these pseudoconservative media types, the so-called "conservative elite," the intellectuals, would they have dared to say out loud that Ronald Reagan's way was obsolete back in 1998? They may have thought it back then but they would not have said it, certainly not as a regular schtick as they are doing today. Nope. They had to call it "American greatness conservatism," or "neoconservatism" or "compassionate conservatism" or whatever Brooks, Kristol, and Barnes and Michael Gerson and the rest of them are calling it this week. Whatever their brand of conservatism is, they had to call it some neoconservatives. "We're not Reagan conservatives. We're neoconservatives. We're smarter than Reagan." Now they've made enough progress in having the media brand them as the face of serious conservatism, and they're out there feeling their oats.
On March 29, 2011, Fats endorsed Rand's foreign policy:
The Founders did not anoint us as guarantors of worldwide freedom. They established the United States of America as a beacon of and a source of and a location of, but there was nothing in our charter that says in order for us to remain as we are we gotta go out and make sure everybody else is like us, and I do not have that view, and I have never ascribed the use of the military of this country in that way. Now, there are others -- and this Egypt thing illustrated it, and the thing in Libya illustrates it -- there are some even on our side who believe and this guy, if I woulda stayed with him he would have eventually gotten to it, the neocons.


Ken Hoop said...

Re Iraq,Limbaugh would have just had US troops install a puppet regime with no pretense of being liberal-democratic. You don't seriously believe Limbaugh will revise his opinion of Iraq and drop the likes of neocon Rubio for

Steve J. said...

Fats may not know that Rubio is a neocon.