Monday, March 11, 2013


Dozen U.S. Troops Shot on Joint Base ABC News - 3 hrs ago

Angry Afghan villagers want US special forces out AP - 37 mins ago

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Ken Hoop said...

M of A had a good post on it.

I would expand, though "b" who runs M of A probably has covered this history too:

The US declared one Afghan election null and void, accusing Karzai of throwing it, forced him to organize another one, promising to leave if he refused.

Well the week or so before the reoganized election Karzai's chief rival pulled out, charging Karzai had already fixed it, even if he won the votes they wouldn't be tallied.

The US did not argue with him nor did election experts worldwide who had investigated.

Did the US pullout? No, Obama had to prove he was tough.

Obama is supposedly smarter than Bush. So he must have read the polls saying more Afghans dislike the American troops than the Taliban, and those who dislike both, dislike the US troops more.

Meanwhile the US military command repeatedly sugarcoats (lies about) the actual progress of the war and Obama does not contradict them.

We have an imperialist corrupt government and the mass of Americans allow it to lie to them even about matters of significant loss of blood and treasure.