Thursday, March 14, 2013


(h/t Blue Texan at Crooks & Liars)

The WaPo in 2005 had this nugget:
A popular and well-known activist, Bergoglio has championed social programs and won respect for questioning free-market policies, which he blames for leaving millions of Argentines impoverished.
In 2013, the WaPo found these:
Argentine bishops, including Francis, had long criticized the laissez-faire policies of Carlos Menem, who was president from 1989 to 1999. “The bishops were critical of the economic model as a generator of poverty and unemployment, notwithstanding the stability it had brought to the country,” Trebat wrote.

Allen quotes a later speech [2007] in which then-Cardinal Bergoglio declared, “We live, apparently, in the most unequal part of the world, which has grown the most yet reduced misery the least. The unjust distribution of goods persists, creating a situation of social sin that cries out to Heaven and limits the possibilities of a fuller life for so many of our brothers.

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