Monday, March 18, 2013


Media Matters caught Fats Limbaugh making another outrageous comment but I think this sequence is both worse and more revealing:
RUSH: I guarantee you, I mean, your granddaughter just doesn't think it's fair that people who love each other and want to get married are not allowed to in this country. That's not what freedom means to them. That's not what tolerance means.

CALLER: Right. And she has used the word "fairness."

RUSH: Exactly. It's all about fairness. She doesn't have the same framework of understanding that you do. I don't know how early in your life you thought the way you do now, but this is one of these trendy, cyclical things here that is being pushed unbeknownst to your granddaughter by a very activist, liberal leadership.
Yeah, fairness is just a trend. BTW, I think the female caller was around 70, so this is another sign that Limbaugh's audience is literally dying out.

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