Thursday, May 23, 2013


Now it's possible for a novice to be a very good sniper.  The price is a little steep at present but in time this technology will be widely available.
High-tech rifles let novices hit moving targets at long ranges

by Dara Kerr
May 22, 2013 6:43 PM PD

TrackingPoint, a startup based in Austin, Texas, just began selling some of the most high-tech long-range shooting rifles available in the world -- they use 3D graphics, laser technology, and Wi-Fi, and allow users to live stream their exploits and post photos to social media and on personal devices

The key to TrackingPoint's firearms is that anyone -- even someone who's never picked up a rifle -- could hit a moving target at distances of at least 500 yards (i.e., five football fields). 

This ease of shooting is possible through technology like a guided trigger and network tracking scope, which can lock onto and track moving targets. Once the user pulls the trigger, the gun decides when to shoot based on distance, barometric pressure, temperature, the curvature of the Earth, and more.

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