Friday, May 17, 2013


This is from Tom Taylor's NOW newsletter:
“I had to pull a client off a perfect station for them, because of Rush.”

An agency pro tells this NOW newsletter that “the Limbaugh monitoring group [Media Matters] is really something else. I had a business-to-business advertiser whose core is middle-aged decision makers with a male skew. That fit very well with Limbaugh. But the monitoring group was putting on the heat. I tried really hard to talk my client into sticking with Limbaugh, but he told me to pull the spots.” We’ve been following the effectiveness of activist group Media Monitors since it called attention to Rush’s late-February 2012 remarks about Sandra Fluke. Earlier this week, you read here about how a spokesperson for the Belk department store chain explained how it got caught in the middle between the outside group and its supporters, and then the local Rush partisans who bashed Belk on social media. In that case, the spot that ran wasn’t even for Belk, per se, but was something placed by a vendor. Belk’s policy is – they don’t advertise on talk radio, period. In some markets, that even extends to all-news radio, which hurts not one but two formats. But some buyers aren’t discriminating – they just to avoid trouble.

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