Sunday, June 02, 2013


War Whore Laura Ingraham blames the mess in Iraq on Pres. Clinton:
“You guys are saying let [Syrian President Bashar] Assad win, let him slaughter?” Fox News host Chris Wallace wondered.
“We had a no-fly zone in Iraq,” Ingraham declared. “Remember? And what happened after that? Iraq is in flames today.”
I think Ingraham should make a public apology for this obscene statement.


Ken Hoop said...

Jennifer Rubin made the more offending comment. Clinton, as a neolib proved there wasn't any distance between neolibs and "Bush Sr. realism" on Iraq.

Now, authentic non- interventionists like Kucinich and Buchanan (and Ron Paul of course) also opposed Bush Srs Persian Gulf War.

Steve J. said...

Rubin is also a nasty hack.