Thursday, June 13, 2013


This is great news for tens of thousands of people in Arizona:
Arizona lawmakers pass Medicaid expansion
By David Schwartz

PHOENIX | Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:54pm EDT

(Reuters) - A divided Arizona Senate passed a key piece of President Barack Obama's Medicaid expansion agenda on Thursday, handing Republican Governor Jan Brewer a policy victory over fierce opposition from conservatives in her party.

By an 18-11 vote, the Senate approved the bill with the backing of a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers that will add hundreds of thousands of the state's poorest residents to the Medicaid healthcare rolls, but was opposed by conservative Republicans.

The state House of Representatives approved the same measure by a 33-27 vote early on Thursday after a marathon debate.
Russell Pearce, a former extremely rightwing state senator, expressed typical Bagger hysteria about this expansion:
In an interview with KTAR in Phoenix, Pearce said Brewer's decision would be bad for the state, and would threaten the Republican majority in the Arizona legislature.
"It will grow socialism in Arizona at a level that it has never been grown before," Pearce said. "When you do that, every state that has 30 percent or more of its people on government programs, obviously, goes blue."
Pearce was also the FIRST Arizona state legislature to be recalled.

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