Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This story has been told by others in the talk radio industry:
Another small syndicator bows to the realities – Wyatt Cox with “American Sunrise.” Yesterday it was Matt Smith at FoxRock, and today it’s Wyatt Cox, advising affiliates that “our final American Sunrise program of the current series will air this Friday, August 2.” He’s promising a return on November 4 in a different format, possibly in two half-hours instead of the current full hour. Wyatt also vows to bring back his “Christmas on the Radio” special. But the veteran of talk radio ventures like the former People’s Radio Network and then his own operation says the current climate’s tough. He says “I could blame consolidation and the economy for our position, but honestly, there has been a flight from almost all spoken word programming, with the exception of vacuous sports talk, since 2011. Even shows like ours, family-friendly, fiscally conservative but socially libertarian, with a hard news angle, have been hit hard.” He says “chains are looking at running away from any talk programming” except where they “control not only the content, but the commercial inventory.” 
UPDATE: Bojangles has 500 restaurants in 11 states and will no longer advertise on Limbaugh's show.

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