Thursday, July 25, 2013


In addition to his amendment that would have stopped the NSA's massive data collecting efforts, he also provided an opportunity for a public rift between Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck.  Bachmann voted against the amendment and Glenn wasn't at all pleased:
While listening to the audio, Glenn wrote ”Michele Bachmann is not dead to me. But she is in very ill health.” on the radio studio’s chalkboard.

She’s not dead to me, but she is in ill health. She has to ‑ this has got to stop. I have no problem – I would say on this whole speech if she would take away the false narrative. And that no one is storing (information),” Glenn said.

“She could say: Look, they are storing, and I’m concerned about it. Nobody’s reading your stuff, but they are storing. They are keeping record. They are keeping record on every single American,” Glenn said.

What do you think the Utah data storage center is for, Michele? Please don’t treat me like a moron. What are they storing in there? They are not storing eggs and meat and they don’t have, like, a little veggie tray in there. They are storing our records, our information. They have more information, and this universal healthcare is going to make the NSA look like a rookie. They are storing information on every single American. All of our ‑‑ all of our movements, all of our e‑mails, and all of our purchases, all being stored. We know that.”

“Now, if you want to make this point, here’s how you make the point: Look, I’m on the intelligence community ‑‑ I’m on the committee. I get secret reports and I’m telling you right now this country is about to come undone. This country, the American people don’t know what a precarious situation we’re in. And while I am gravely concerned about the NSA, I happen to think that we are in bigger trouble because it is a more clear and present danger of the people who are coming in here and want to kill us than it is on the NSA. I’ll deal with that one later. We can have a completely sane and rational conversation,” Glenn said.

“But please don’t deal in your false narrative about false narratives,” Glenn said, “And if you’d like to get Michele Bachmann, I owe it to her to say that to her face. ”

Glenn said that Michele Bachmann is right on many, many issues and stands for the things she believes in, but he disagreed with her strongly on this issue.
BTW, I also noted that Pelosi, supposedly a great liberal, also voted against the amendment.


Ken Hoop said...

Pelosi is notorious or should be for squashing Kucinich bills to defund the Iraq War, so her behavior is predictable. Too bad Cindy Sheehan didn't unseat her.

Ken Hoop said...

Edward Snowden's father at first was for his son returning to the US. The Obama-Pelosi drone bombing, Police State-pimping Democratic Elite (and Boehner's GOP Elite)changed all that.

"His father, Lon Snowden, said on Friday he believes his son should stay in Russia and avoid the US, saying he had been vilified by the Obama administration and members of Congress.

"If it were me, knowing what I know now, and listening to advice of sage people like [Pentagon Papers leaker] Daniel Ellsberg... I would attempt to find a safe haven," the elder Snowden told the Associated Press news agency in a telephone interview.