Saturday, July 27, 2013


There's going to be a tidal wave of conservative agit-prop (e.g., Indiana) aimed at Obamacare over the next 2-3 months, so let's get prepared.  First, residents of New York, California and Oregon will benefit from lower insurance rates, no matter what the wingnuts claim and this seems to be the main trend (h/t ql at Atrios):
In Maryland, a 25-year-old will be able to purchase a plan that is more comprehensive than policies currently available on the individual market for $114 per month, while a middle aged adult will have to pay approximately $260 per month for insurance. A 21-year-old non-smoker can start as low as $93 a month. Officials say they used their authority to deny rate increases to reduce the proposed premiums by “more than 50 percent.” Thirty other states have have similar authority.
UPDATE: ThinkProgress has more.

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