Saturday, August 03, 2013


because he never gets called out for his mistakes.

He's been calling Pres. Obama a racist since 2009 and is still pushing that meme.  Let's recall one of Beck's prominent errors, back on June 12, 2013:
Glenn Beck Teases Whistleblower Revelation That Will ‘Take Down’ GOP, Democrats, ‘Whole Power Structure’
by Matt Wilstein | 3:46 pm, June 12th, 2013

On his radio show today, Beck claimed that his staff at TheBlaze has been in touch with a “whistleblower” who could single-handedly “take down pretty much the whole power structure” of the United States.

“This country I believe is going to be rocked within the next 24 hours,” Beck began, “with some things that are going on in Washington and beyond.” He said that within the next day, he will be sharing revelations with his audience that will “greatly divide” the nation. “You are going to witness things in American history that have never been witnessed before,” Beck warned.


Ken Hoop said...

Obama isn't worth defending.
Scarborough corrects the swooning Joy-Ann Reid.



And that is, he's adopted the policies of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush in many, many instances.


Right, but not the policies which I think really did risk America's image around the world. And in a sense, a lot of people would argue promote more terrorism, the torture policies. The president has rolled back the rhetorical bluster that we got used to during the previous administration. But has actually amped up in terms of going after Al Qaeda directly. I don't think the administration that got Osama bin Laden, rhetorical bluster did not bring down Osama bin Laden. It didn't get him.

Actual intelligence and aggressive maneuvers inside of Pakistan did. And I don't think that the former dictators in Libya or in Egypt would think that this president has been weak. I think what we've seen is a president who has tried to get the United States really to conform and support with this sort of moral standing that we--

-counter every single point, but now I feel like I need to counter on the other side. Because the fact of the matter is, Barack Obama has adopted policies that I think have actually been less targeted. He will fire drones into countries where we aren't even at war, when we had a plan, we had a policy, we had a program that would allow us to go in, snatch terrorists, like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, brings them out without killing their four-year-old daughters, without killing their grandmothers, without killing everybody in the general vicinity.

And I've got to say, nothing that he has done has made us comport to international standards more than under George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. In fact, you look at a lot of these countries, and America's approval ratings, lower than they were when George W. Bush left office.

Steve J. said...

Good for Scarborough!