Friday, August 23, 2013


(h/t p.m. carpenter)

York is a prominent reporter for the conservative Washington Examiner and has appeared often on FAUX News so it is safe to assume that he's not some kind of liberal or progressive mole.  I found this article of his interesting because it shows that the number of diehards even in the Republican Party are a minority, no matter what the radio gasbags say.
GOP poll finds strong opposition to government shutdown
By BYRON YORK | AUGUST 22, 2013 AT 11:35 AM
Washington Examiner

A new poll done for Republican members of Congress has found huge public opposition, and solid opposition among Republicans, to the idea of shutting down the government over the issue of funding Obamacare.

Overall, 71 percent of those surveyed opposed a shutdown, while 23 percent favored a shutdown. Among Republicans, 53 percent opposed, versus 37 percent who favored.

Winston found a huge gender gap among Republicans. Republican men favored a shutdown by a narrow 48 percent to 44 percent margin. But Republican women opposed it by an enormous 61 percent to 29 percent margin.

Among Republicans who called themselves conservative, those who said they are very conservative favored shutdown by 63 percent to 27 percent, while those who said they are somewhat conservative opposed shutdown by 62 percent to 31 percent. Overall, Republicans who call themselves conservative were evenly split on the issue, 46 percent to 46 percent.

Conservative Republicans make up about 19 percent of the entire electorate. Of that number about nine percent call themselves very conservative, while ten percent say they are somewhat conservative.


Ken Hoop said...

But there are members of the non- Tea Party "Elite" who are just as hardcore/intransigent on objectionable issues. The NSA, neocon warhawks, etc.

Steve J. said...

I agree and that goes to my implicit point: committed minorities have a disproportionate effect on politics.