Wednesday, August 14, 2013


On today's radio show, Hannity said he supported Steve Lonegan for the US Senate race in New Jersey so here are a few of Lonegan's gems:
Video: Lonegan Called Social Security “The Biggest Single Threat Facing America Today.” During a debate hosted by News 12’s Power & Politics, Lonegan said: “And you’re watching the marketplace today and the confidence in American currency, you’ll see what’s happening to that. This is a real threat to the future of this nation. It’s the biggest single threat facing America today. More than half of the federal government is Social Security and Medicare, and it’s going to bankrupt this country.” [News 12’s Power & Politics,10/12/11]

Video: Lonegan Said Medicare and Medicaid Needed To Be Privatized. During a tea party meeting, Lonegan said, “I didn’t hear Mark Levin’s ideas about Medicare and Medicaid but I think they are destined for destruction for the next generation. I think they should be redone away with and privatized. That’s what I think.” [Mahwah Tea Party Steve Lonegan Part 3, 11/20/10]

Video: Lonegan Vowed To Return To A Flat Tax. During his speech to CPAC, Lonegan said: “We are going to eliminate the destructiveness and immorality of the progressive income tax and replace it with a flat tax.” [CPAC 2009]

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