Sunday, September 08, 2013


McClatchy has an article about a speech former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor gave lamenting the sorry state of political knowledge among Americans, e.g.,
Two-thirds of Americans cannot name a single Supreme Court justice, former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor told the crowd that packed into a Boise State ballroom to hear her Thursday.
About one-third can name the three branches of government. Fewer than one-fifth of high school seniors can explain how citizen participation benefits democracy.
"Less than one-third of eighth-graders can identify the historical purpose of the Declaration of Independence, and it's right there in the name," she said.

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Here's the puzzle: As I type, there are 1799 comments on the article and I think that is close to a record for a McClatchy article. I also noticed that the highest rated comments are for Bagger posts like this one:
Behold the fruits of 3 generations of liberal run public education.  Now the country is retarded but everybody gets ice cream.
I did a Google search on the article title expecting to find that Free Republic or FOX Nation cited the article, but it wasn't cited by any popular Bagger den, so where did all these comments come from?

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