Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The WaPo did a backgrounder on him and this is the relevant part for this post:
At Princeton he was a champion debater. From there he went to Harvard Law School. “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant,” Prof. Alan Dershowitz told the National Review. Cruz was a founding editor of the Harvard Latino Law Review.
Despite having brains and a great education, Cruz supports a known liar, David Barton, the Fundie "historian":
“I’m not in a position to opine on academic disputes between historians, but I can tell you that David Barton is a good man, a courageous leader and a friend,” Cruz told POLITICO. “David’s historical research has helped millions rediscover the founding principles of our nation and the incredible sacrifices that men and women of faith made to bequeath to us the freest and most prosperous nation in the world.”

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Ken Hoop said...

Everytime I hear Cruz lately it seems he is trying to appease yet pull the rug out from under the Rand Paul "surge" which itself pulls way too many punches but that's for another post.