Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The fact that businesses are unhappy with House Bagger shenanigans isn't news but Limbaugh finally got around to talking about it, probably because it was reported in the Wall Street Journal.
Dems Make Move on Big Biz
RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, our Morning Update today dealt with a Wall Street Journal story, which says that business is frustrated with the Republicans.  Now, Republicans are historically longtime allies, political allies of business.  The Wall Street Journal reporter Laura Meckler said that she interviewed executives of small, medium, and large businesses, and they're all moderate, and they're all dismayed that some Republicans didn't heed their warnings that closing the government and risking default would hurt the economy. 
To this group of moderate businessmen that she found that she claims is now representative of the whole lot, Obama's non-negotiation stance and Harry Reid's ignoring every proposal that the House made had nothing to do with the shutdown.  It was all the Republicans' fault.  "Things are so bad," she said in her story, Ms. Meckler, "that the Chamber of Commerce is thinking of taking sides in the primaries.  They want to throw out Tea Party conservatives and replace them with more business friendly pragmatists, who --" ahem -- and here we go to the crux of the matter "-- would also be friendly to immigration reform," i.e., amnesty, which is the real news of the story.  Okay, so that was the Morning Update today.
Next story.  "Democrats Tell Business: 'We Stood With You' On Shutdown, Debt Ceiling."  So while Journal has this story about how Big Business is really ticked off at Republicans because the Tea Party, the Democrats see that and they're moving in and they're promising a new alliance with big business, and they're moving in on the Chamber of Commerce.  "It was House Democrats who worked with business leaders to reopen the government and meet our obligations, and it was House Republicans who turned their backs on business in favor of the radical demands of the Tea Party." That is a quote from a Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee letter that's gone out.
"While the chamber will support some Democrats in next year's congressional elections, it wants the House to remain under Republican control. 'On behalf of the American business community, given a choice, I would not like to see this administration with the White House, Senate and the House,'" said the Chamber of Commerce head honcho.  The Democrats are making a move on big business, claiming that they are more friendly based on immigration.  I'm just gonna tell you, the reason I'm mentioning to you is because this is going to stoke the Republican Party establishment even more on going after the Tea Party.
"Look what you're doing now, Cruz, Lee, look what you're doing now.  Now you're sending the Chamber to the Democrats, oh, my God, this is the worst thing that coulda happened. We were gonna nail 'em, knock them in with amnesty, and now you've blown it up."  While Obamacare is over here falling apart by the day, exactly what Cheney was talking about, this internecine war he doesn't like.

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