Sunday, October 27, 2013


In addition to the software problems, the ACA seems to fail in two other areas: (1) the minimum coverage required by the law is more costly than many existing plans; (2) rural health care costs are NOT being lowered.  Unfortunately, the House GOP will block any attempt to constructively address these problems.

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Ken Hoop said...

You can't argue with this:

"The failure of the website is entirely due to the policy choices you made back in 2009. Instead of adopting a fair, cheap, and simple Medicare-for-All like the majority of your supporters wanted, you opted for an expensive, hideously complicated, pro-corporate Rube-Goldberg machine because you opened the White House doors to industry lobbyists and didn't want to scare the Big Money. When it came to criminally prosecuting the perpetual fraud machine of Wall Street that cost the global economy tens of trillions, you urge us not to be so vindictive and "look forward, not back". Instead of focusing like a laser on the depressed economy, you passed through a weak stimulus, wiped your hands of responsibility for the macro-economy, and proceed to push through your status-quo healthcare bill that no one wanted, and few could understand."