Wednesday, October 23, 2013


There have been a series of screw-ups in our nuclear forces since 2000 and I'm a little worried that we may eventually have a full-scale nuclear disaster.  Here's the latest:
Four Air Force officers punished for leaving nuclear blast doors open
By Jim Miklaszewski and M. Alex Johnson, NBC News
Oct. 22, 2103

The careers of four Air Force officers who held the keys and codes to launching nuclear missiles are likely over after they were severely reprimanded for leaving blast doors open on their underground launch capsules, Air Force officials told NBC News on Tuesday.

In the newest incidents, the two-man launch crews at Minot and Malmstrom violated regulations that require heavy steel blast doors to be closed and locked when one of the crew members is sleeping.

The AP reported that in both incidents, the concrete and steel doors were deliberately left open while one of two crew members inside slept. One of the officers lied about a violation but later admitted to it, according to The AP.

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