Thursday, November 28, 2013


At the time they called themselves The American Liberty League and they sounded a lot like today's Baggers as you can see from these excerpts of a ALL pamphlet entitled "The New Deal vs Democracy":
The New Deal has harassed American business and has entered into competition in almost every possible way with private industry.

The New Deal has misused the Federal taxing power in an effort to promote visionary schemes for the redistribution of wealth.

The New Deal has imposed taxes heavier than were ever before placed upon the nation in time of peace and by reckless borrowing has saddled huge obligations upon generations yet unborn.

The New Deal has led the nation far along the road toward national bankruptcy and has increased the national debt to unprecedented size.

The New Deal has manifested its contempt for constitutional government.

The New Deal represents the attempt in American to set up a totalitarian government, one which recognizes no sphere of individual or business life as immune from governmental authority and which submerges the welfare of the individual to that of the government.
This is pretty much what Michele Bachmann, Sean Hannity and other conservatives have been saying about Pres. Obama and his economic & health policies.

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