Saturday, November 16, 2013


It used to be that when a Republican spoke out against Limbaugh, he or she would have to apologize in a few days but that doesn't seem to be the case now.  First, a New Jersey Republican takes a swipe at Fats:
During an appearance on NJTV Wednesday, Republican Bill Palatucci was confronted by host Mike Schneider over Limbaugh “tearing into Governor Christie.” Palatucci’s response was less than kind to Limbaugh.
“I take with a grain of salt people who are promoting their radio station, they’re promoting their book, or promoting their movie on HBO because––by picking on somebody, whether it’s from Bill’s party or my party. They’re out there shilling for themselves, looking for viewers or for book sales.”
Next, a GOP congressman says the Limbaugh is poorly informed:
Republican Congressman Fred Upton pushed the bill that passed the House on Friday to let Americans keep their health care plans if they like them, but Rush Limbaugh argued against it, saying it was essentially throwing a lifeline to Democrats and President Obama. Upton responded on Hugh Hewitt‘s show, saying Limbaugh didn’t have the right information about the bill.
Upton said, “It would have been nice if he had checked in with us and gotten some information.” He argued that this was an important step to help the millions of people losing their insurance in the real world so they don’t continue to suffer.

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