Monday, November 11, 2013


This article accurately describes a key segment of modern American conservatives and gives a great example:
For instance, a conspiracy that was spread by partisan outlets include the one PPP found 25 percent of Americans believing in - that Obama is secretly seeking a another four years in office, despite the constitutional prohibition. PPP pollster Jim Williams said it came to his attention when he was soliciting theories to survey.

“One thing we’re starting to see a lot on Twitter now is people thinking President Obama is secretly trying to find a way to a third term, which I didn’t see until I stated researching questions, so that’s a new one,” Williams said.

With a little searching, he found it easily on the Internet, including a Mother Jones article that traced the idea back to an advertising email distributed by, Newsmax, Human Events and Gingrich Marketplace, as well as mentions from popular radio hosts Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh.

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